SyBurbia is an invitation-only social network that does not sell its member’s data to anyone, at any time,  for any reason.  Our community members are not data products to be sold to the highest bidder.

Members can invite a maximum of 12 individuals to the SyBurbia community.  Members can have a maximum of 160 “Friend” connections.  Members can follow as many members as they like.

The limit of 12 invitations is based on “The Circle of 12”. And the limit of 160 friend connections is based on “Dunbar’s Number”.  We hope the limits on friend connections and the ability to directly invite only 12 people will encourage members to establish and maintain more meaningful connections within SyBurbia’s community “ecosystem”.

We do not use algorithms to determine what you see in your timeline.  What you see in your timeline is posted by your friends, or the pages and groups you follow.

We do not accept advertising from advertisers who are not members of the SyBurbia social network.  We do not allow advertisers to use ads that track your Internet activity or place tracking cookies on your computer or phone.  Any advertiser who violates these rules will be banished from the network and is subject to forfeiture of any/all prepaid advertising fees.

A Free Basic membership is offered, but access to the network’s enhanced features require a subscription.  SyBurbia’s member subscriptions support our operation and ongoing development.